Armifera is a progressive thrash metal band based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The aggressive energy in their music reflects the influences of late 80’s Bay Area thrash blended with progressive melodies reminiscent of the new wave of British heavy metal.

Named after a Latin word meaning “warlike, to bear arms or armor”, the band’s writing reflects their views of modern day politics and the importance of freedom. The song for their first official video “Iron Entities” tells the true story of a WW2 tank battle between Allied and Nazi forces. The title track of their debut album 'Eradication' is a straight up in your face anthem on the brutality of war and total devastation.

They spent their first year establishing themselves around Alberta as high-octane performers, playing with the aggressive intensity Thrash is famous for. In between starting mosh pits (sometimes on stage), the band spent some time in 2011 filming scenes for a feature in an independent horror film titled 'Heavy Metal Horror'. Later that year, Richard would move to Ontario and the band would recruit guitar player Jordan Tuttle to fill the void. With the final addition of Patrick Kennedy on bass, Armifera began recording their first album, later released in May of 2013 on the HPGD Productions label. 

Since the release of Eradication, the band has been playing the indie circuits including favorite summer festivals such as Loud as Hell, Farmageddon Open Air and Alberta's Own.

The Hidden Order:

The Hidden Order otherwise known as The Brotherhood of the Watchers is a group formed in the middle ages of various members of other secret societies. Their aim was to observe and record the secret motivations and manipulations going on behind the scenes of what we know as history. Seekers of truth, the Brotherhood fight to expose the real story. They fight against the passive acceptance of what makes it through main stream media and in to the "official" history books, encouraging people to question what they're fed and to seek deeper answers.


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