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Armifera – 1000mph.

A blend of old-school speed (think Anthrax, Kreator, Exodus) punctuated by progressive melodies characteristic of the new wave of British heavy metal. Inspired by the untold stories in history and the open theater that is modern media, Armifera's songs are riddled with themes any conspiracy theorist would be happy to bang their head to.

Armifera have been part of the independent metal scene since the fall of 2010. Named after a Latin word meaning “warlike, to bear arms or armor”, the band’s writing reflects their views of modern day politics and the importance of freedom. The song for their first official video “Iron Entities” tells the true story of a WW2 tank battle between Allied and Nazi forces. Their title track is a straight up in your face anthem on the brutality of war and total devastation.  

The influence of the Bay Area thrash movement of the late 80’s & early 90’s is brought to life through a mixture of clean & heavy vocals, progressive riffs and unyielding tempos.  But to really experience Armifera, you need to see the band live. “Their front-man made their performance especially memorable by swinging from the rafters, rocking a barb wire covered mic stand and a big Armifera banner that he wielded alongside his comrades and their axes. So Metal.” With it being so easy to stay home and access music or videos online, the guys want to give their fans a reason to come out and see them live. They play their instruments with an aggressive intensity, drawing energy off of the crowd and spitting it back at them at ten times the volume.

In 2012 the guys expanded on their musical talents by playing leading roles in an independent horror movie titled “Heavy Metal Horror”. The film was written about an occult-dabbling heavy metal band crossing paths with a troubled call girl named Julia, who has been harboring a few demons of her own. Originally titled ‘Death Metal Horror’ the film served as the inspiration for the dark and melodic song D.M.H. The name of a band in the film? Armifera.

Their first album Eradication is a concept album revealing the story of the hidden order known as the Brotherhood of the Watchers: a group of vigilantes that broke away from various secret societies during the crusades to silently observe those ‘pulling the strings’ and re-writing history as they saw fit. Influenced by stories of deceit, warmongering and dark manipulation, the songs are about searching for truth in a near zombified superficial wealth manipulated world.
Since that release, they have played multiple festivals in Canada including Farmageddon, Loud as Hell, Calgary Metal Fest and even opened up for acts such as Honeymoon Suite and Prism at Alberta's Own Music and Arts festival in 2015. In 2017, Armifera was asked to join another band, The Maension for a leg of their world tour, playing several dates around England including London and Leeds. 
2018 has brought a few changes to their lineup adding former Dissonance frontman Greg Micheal and Ontario guitarist Brandon Frost into the mix. With new material written, they have started recording their second album with plans to release it sometime in 2019. 

            Reviews, Radio & Press:

Two page feature article in ‘Shoot Me Now’ magazine - Fall 2013 issue

CD Release Announcement online with Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles magazine
 - Posted April 16, 2013

“Canada already has a name for producing quality technical acts since times immemorial … here comes an act to provide not only a worthy competition to the perennial champions Voivod, but to also claim a firm spot at technical thrash metal greatness on the world metal map for its homeland.”-

"Headliners Armifera are a force that really needs to be seen to be believed. This is a band that understands the potency of presentation. Armifera for me, and for as many people that I have talked to about them, is synonymous with lasers, flags, barb wire mic stands and ferocity. I love the band’s unpredictability, speed and, of course, showmanship. Armifera’s rhythm section has a brilliant arrangement of influences from the brutal stylings of Lamb of God and Cannibal Corpse to the mathematical and technical rhythms found in Tool and prog-era Rush. Damian S. Dunwoody is incredibly dynamic and visually intimidating in his performance as lead vocalist. At times he delivers the high pitch iconic screeches of Rob Halford of Judas Priest and at others the power metal belting of Dream Theater’s James LaBrie."

- From the article by Eric T Behr published April 5, 2013 at

"Armifera is a progressive thrash metal band with speedy musicianship and solid stage presence. It’s always good to see a bassist holding his tongue in place while attempting a complex riff at high tempos. The band gets extra points for their well developed personas. Their front-man made their performance especially memorable by swinging from the rafters, rocking a barb wire covered mic stand and a big Armifera banner that he wielded alongside his comrades and their axes. So Metal."

 - From the article by Eric T Behr published June 18, 2012 at

Armifera was featured as guest hosts with their first album 'Eradication' on 'The Shoe Box' radio program on 88.5 CJSR FM radio station in Edmonton Alberta.  
 - November 21, 2012

Other Online Radio Play: MetalHead Radio          Vinland Radio           NAIT Radio

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Armifera has been caught tearing up stages with the following artists: The Order of Chaos, Unleash the Archers, Quietus, Samandriel, Kriticos, Scythia, West of Hell, Sonorous Odium and more.

A sample of the events Armifera has played: Metal Mountain Music festival 2011 (Hinton, Alberta), Farmageddon Open Air Metal Fest 2013 and 2014 (Alberta, Canada), Calgary Metal Fest 2014 (Calgary, Alberta), Alberta's Own Music and Arts Festival 2015 (Nevis, AB), Ourfest 2016 (Nevis, AB), The Maension Raevolution World Tour 2017 (Various cities, England)